Monday, June 22, 2015

Recently, I was on the radio show The E-Z Way with Eric Zuley. It was an amazing show! We talked everything from my early life in New York, kick starting your life and breaking the crust of your life, and technology changing lives! 

Check it out!!

  • Read the transcription of the show below. 

Interviewer (Eric Zuley): So I told you guys we've got a fantastic guest. She's a special guest. She's a friend of mine and it's kind of funny how we met. We met up through social media! How cool is that? I love social media. Guys, this is the CEO of Transformation Network and Transformation Talk Radio. Like I said, they have a lot of different shows, a very positive uplifting content. We just thought we'd show a little support for them so Dr. Pat welcome to the show!

Dr. Pat: Hey! It is a pleasure and an honor to be joining you and thank you for all of the stuff that you're doing out there. I just get to bumble along. That's what I'm famous for. I just bumble along, but you know? I bumble in the right direction!

Eric Zuley

Interviewer: That's a different word. Bumbling along. Where did that come from?

Dr. Pat: Somebody said it to me the other day. Somebody said that to me the other day. I was interviewing somebody and we were talking about something and all of a sudden we started to talk about how did we end up where we are and people in the business world, they want to sit you down and they want to say "wait a minute. What's your business plan look like? How did that grow out? Who are the people you know?" and once upon a time in my life, I used to make stuff up back in the corporate days, corporate executive. You just want to have a real logical reason. No, that's not it. I'm a fantastic bumbler. I can dial a wrong phone number and not hang up. Thirteen years later, sitting here talking to you. There's something to learn from that I think.

Interviewer: I love it, I love it. We make up all these words and I was interviewing Big Boy, Pow106 [unclear 1:48] 92.3 and everybody knows Big Boy being in the Southern California area and he came up with a word for me. No actually I came up with the word while I was interviewing him and I said 'domicidal' and I was like "thank you for allowing me in your domicidal". He was like "domicidal? I'm going to steal that. Welcome to my domicidal". You can actually look that up on YouTube guys. You could actually look it up [unclear 2:11] and Big Boy. You'll actually see the interview. You should see his face when I said that word. He actually started using it. He actually stole my word. Can you believe that?

Dr. Pat: Yes, I can believe that.

Interviewer: We're going to start a trend. We're going to start a trend Pat. We're going to come up with special words and see how many people use them. You guys can tweet us and you can hit us up on social media. Show us you're using our word via hashtag and then maybe we'll support you and push it out there and we'll start this whole trend of [unclear 2:38) and Pat's new words or something.

Dr. Pat: Exactly. I've got a word for you and it's not a word, but I love it! I actually have the domain name. It's 'unstuckable'. This is a word.

Interviewer: Unstuckable? Okay.

Dr. Pat: Unstuckable. Really you've got to feel this word a little bit. Everybody just get right here and feel this word. Unstuckable. Obviously it's not in the dictionary or anyplace unless they put it in since we started to use it, but it's a great word. It's a great word. It's like who are you? Who are you in the world? Are you going to be the Velcro kid or are you going to be the Teflon kid? Which one do we choose and so unstuckable is about being in this world at such an epic energetic conscious level that garbage cannot stick to you. You know what I'm saying? Somebody else's view of you can't stick to you. You're view of yourself can't even stick to you and that's really what I love about that you and I get to create in this world. I mean, we get to come up with stuff that comes from who knows where, download it. Whatever you believe in, God, spirit, whatever it is, but boy you've got to be ready to say yes to some stuff. Don't you think?

Interviewer: I do and I love that word. Unstuckable. We're doing stuckable the easy way. I've got to ask you Pat. I've had so many interviews and I've had so many people on our radio station, but I've never had someone sound as clear and concise. You sound like Chris Styles champagne right now. You sound so clear. What is your secret? I want to steal it.

Dr. Pat: So three shots of vinegar in the morning maybe.

Interviewer: Well, I'm trying to get into the fact that you have a radio station yourself. You have a network yourself. You obviously have some pretty prestige equipment and let's get into, I mean the name "Transformation" first of all is a grabbing name and you have the Transformation Network. You have the Transformation Talk Radio. You also have the Dr. Pat Show. Talk to us. You're now on my network, on my hour, on my domicidal and my fans want to know more about this Pat Transformation thing.

Dr. Pat: Here's what I'd like to say to everybody listening. You know, here's the short version of how we get to live the life we want. Here's the short version. Here's what I like to talk about. Don't ever let anything get you down. My mother died when I was six years old. She was an addict alcoholic and she ended up committing suicide. For me, I ended up homeless at 17 and on the pathway and journey. Pretty much been fired from every job I've ever had and yet at the same time inspired by life, the people that were contributing to it and so the word 'transformation' has special meaning to me, but it's not how we started this. Thirteen years ago when I did dial that wrong phone number and I did, I pulled out my credit card and within ten minutes I bought my first hour of airtime. I didn't know why. My friends had thought I had lost my mind, but here's the thing that I knew about. I knew in my heart and I knew it in my soul, but there was something about that point of time in my life that was going to be transformative so that's where the word began for me and the show wasn't called The Dr. Pat Show. It was called "Are You Ready? Google This Term" and actually if you Google crust busting and Christina Aguilera's name, you will find both of those come up. It was called Crust Busting Your Way to an Awesome Life. Why? Because I was at a point in my life where I felt so heavy, so crusted over. I literally created a concept and that was actually called "How to Bust Through the Crust of Your Life". Actually you can go to website. What happened with this, you're going to love this, see sometimes easy or the easy way comes from other people and so Benny and the listeners just one day had found out that I had gone back to school and I got this degree and all of a sudden they started with "Dr. Pat" and I'm like "dudes, do not do that" and then finally people would call into the show and it would be Dr. Pat, Dr. Pat, Dr. Pat and so here's what happened. Our website designer disappeared, disappeared and we could not launch the new radio CrustBusting site so in a moment I had an epiphany. Oh my gosh. We're actually supposed to change the name of the show and that's actually the way that happened and so for me, I look at things always being influx, always being in change. Beautiful star bursts. That's our lives. A beautiful star burst and transformation is when we can take the ride on the star burst and go to the planet of our choice. It doesn't have to be hard. It can be easy. It doesn't have to be a struggle. It can be effortless and so the question that comes to mind for me everyday is what is it that makes the difference between the struggles in my life, the pain, the agony, the illness, all of those things and the days of my life where I feel like I am on the slide and glide of things and so transformation becomes a very powerful word and it's when you no longer are from the inside out, the same. See that's what it is.

Interviewer: So in a sense, you're telling our listeners they should and could and will do it the easy way.

Dr. Pat Baccili
Dr. Pat: It's got to be the easy way, don't you think? I mean don't you think that? I mean, I don't know how many of your listeners out there are done with the pain and the strain of things.

Interviewer: Exactly. It's [unclear 9:03]. It's not e - a - s - y. Believe it or not guys and I've never actually said this on radio. It's not easy. It's supposed to be e-a-s-y. It's easy because it's me. It's the style of what we do. It's the support. It's how we do and why we do what we do and to push it out that much more to our listeners, to our followings, to want to make better decisions with the gift God gives them, to want to help others, to really want to spread a very positive angle and very positive word and it's to help make you successful so you can make others successful and you can help others. It's a really strong thing. Letter E, Letter Z. Nothing's easier in this world. It's harder than heck and I'm not even going to go into my story because we don't have time. I love that whole transformation thing and so you have a network. Let's go into, well before we go into your network, let's go into your show and kind of like how you built into this huge empire. It's pretty big.

Dr. Pat: Well, I'll tell you how it happened. I wish I could sit here and take credit for it, but I'm absolutely not. I mean, here's the credit I want to take. I want to take the credit where I have been brought to my knees, and I have. In 2008 I was looking at a wheelchair and so there's nothing about my journey to get to this place that hasn't been getting through the port hole of some epic, epic struggles and fails, but that's not really the light that I want to attach myself to and you know, how brilliant of you to take a very, very important idea, whether it's EZ, the letter E and the letter Z or the energy and the vibration of that. See because when I hear you talk about that, here's what I get. I get an energy and a vibration that transcends the spelling of it, the words in it, the interpretation of it and really what I get from that is an invitation. This is what I get. I get an invitation. That's what my life has been about. I have been invited to the table. I've been invited to the table. The table is the table of service to others. See, that's what you and I do. We are a service to others and if you are living your day right now and you have not done something in this day to help another person in some way, whatever way that is for you, really think about that and think about "what kind of crust might I be today that I'm not really engaged in that. I'm not smiling in that. I'm not looking at the world". So for me, I learn the power of saying yes. The power of saying yes, what does that even mean? You say yes when you know that something is showing up for you from your heart. That's when you say yes. You stand and you shout it. You might be so scared about what you're looking at, but you say yes anyway and then you turn to God, spirit, what you believe in and you say "you know what dude? I have said yes to this. Now tell me what my next move is going to be. Do I go left or do I go right?" If there is any credit that I'm going to take in this whole journey, it's because I learned how to pay attention to the signs. I learned and I'm surrounded by an incredible group of talented, creative, amazing people and that's really part of this, just like you. You're not sitting there doing this by yourself. You're surrounded by talented people. Why are you? Because you are talented, because you are [unclear 12:48] battlefield of yes and no and instead of taking the red pill, maybe you took the blue pill. It doesn't matter, but when you said yes, it was the yes that you stand in that comes to the forefront. You know, indecision is the bane of pain. Indecision, bane of pain. Ask anybody that's waffling, that's on the fence. Have you ever gone out and asked your friends "hey, what movie do you want to go to". Except for this weekend. Everybody went to see The Avengers. What movie do you want? Oh, I don't know. Well where do you want to go eat. I don't know. Where do you want to go? Three hours later, nobody has made a decision. Make a decision about your life. Make a decision and don't look back.

Interviewer: I am so picturing you with a giant stadium around you and thousands of people with their hands up and following you. Dr. Pat, your voice tone alone draws in and radiates positivity. You're speaking so positively that I think you're inspiring probably a lot of our radio listeners. We have a couple of questions by the way, which we'll get to the question and answer part of the show later on guys, but it's all about the team. It's all about your team and I think a lot of people, what people don't realize is people a lot of times don't need to take their time to do something. It's where they choose to put their time and the team that supports you in whatever venture, I don't know about you, but me personally I make sure that no matter what, that person that devoted their time and in some way, I don't care if it's a post on Facebook, they always get a benefit back. They always get something in return. They always get some sort of way to where they can go "I enjoy doing it the easy way. I get a benefit" and I'd love to hear a little bit more about your team because I know it's a big empire and I know you've probably got an amazing team behind you and running it.

Dr. Pat: Well, you know. I will tell you a little bit about this team and you know, it is based on the absolute, absolute knowledge that each of these folks said yes. Let me just tell you it's really beautiful. You know, almost everyone here started out as an intern. It always used to be a one person show, just kind of put one foot in front of the other and you know, I had a moment where I had to make a decision about hiring my first person and I have to tell you, God is super smart. Been smart ever since I met God, right? It's like you walk into Whole Foods and a guy yells your name and says [unclear 15:28] and you turn around. People call me by my last name, I can count them on like one hand, turned around and he said "you want to hire MaryJo over here" and I said yes. See already. I have no idea why MaryJo was there, why she wasn't going to have a job, but I said yes because that's the first thing that came forth and that came forth in such a powerful way. See when we stand in that position of yes, we will attract people that also want to stand in that powerful word of yes and I can't say enough about this team. They would never tell you this. They would never tell you they are an award winning team. Best team, best management team under ten people won the award given to us in NY. They never talk about it, you never hear not a whisper because what they are so committed to is changing the world in a better way, every single person. We've had our hiccups with our new technology. We stay up late at night to make sure that we're making things happen for our listeners and never really think about it, don't complain about it and so for me, I have the honor of being in the presence of an incredible group of people, producers all over the world. People editing shows, creating show promotions, scheduling people and who can really deny the power of that level of service. See, these are people who all said yes and never even said the word. Can you imagine that? Can you imagine standing in your yes, but never ever uttering the word because that's the place of knowing?

Interviewer: I love that you mentioned God so we've got to give God a yay. You have a lot of and I agree with everything that you said and that you have been saying and you have a lot of shows. How many shows do you have on the network?

Dr. Pat: How many shows on Transformation Network? Well, I'll tell you. Transformation Talk Radio was the original channel we launched, not the Transformation Network. On April 1 we opened the door for eight more channels and so right now we're in the process of inviting people to play with us, whether it's on God talk, psychic talk, the green channel, the women's channel, the health channel. It doesn't really matter. Maybe we should have like a soul mate channel. It's the coolest thing. On the fourth of July, we're going to have a very special announcement about these channels and a brand new technology we're building and we're building it because we have heard people all over the world say we think that this kind of talk radio is going to be gobbled up by the mega corporations. What are you doing Pat to make sure that it's not? Again, I asked for guidance around that and that's where we go with it. It really is a blessing to be able to be of service to so many people and some days it's harder to find that yes than other days. I'm human. You know what I'm saying? I'm a girl from the Bronx. I was born in the Bronx. That's where I come from. That's it. I spent my childhood on the monkey bars. If you don't know what the monkey bars are, you should.

Interviewer: When you say the Bronx, the only thing I can think of is Jackie Chan in Rumble in the Bronx. Sorry. It's one of my favorite movies and he does his own stunts! Okay, go ahead.

Dr. Pat: I know, he's amazing. He's amazing. Well I did my own stunts on the monkey bars too. I mean, I've got some scars to show people.

Interviewer: Here's what I want you to do. This is something that we do with all, I know that you do the same things. I'm doing a verbal MDA right now. You're not allowed to steal our, no I'm kidding. We have this thing that we do with all of our guests and we interact on video, on cell phone video and since you said that you can do something on the monkey bars, what I want you to do is I want you to find some monkey bars and I want you to take your cell phone and I want you to do what you can on the monkey bars or I need you to do this for us because every guest does this. Somehow, some way we need to get some sort of video we can blog.

Dr. Pat: On the monkey bars?

Interviewer: On the monkey bars, yeah. Whatever you talk about on the radio, you've got to actually do it on video somehow and then the fans want to interact with it, they try to re-enact it and sometimes it goes viral. You never know, but that's the [unclear 20:03] challenge for you of the show just so you know.

Dr. Pat: Okay, I love that. I love that easy way challenge. I should have talked about table tennis. In my day, I was also a professional table tennis player and for those of you out there thinking is that for real, just Google my last name in Westfield. NJ and you'll see a picture of me. It is the craziest thing what goes on on the internet these days. I don't even know where that picture came from.

Interviewer: So you have a lot of different shows and you have a lot of positivity and I don't know if you know, but you actually have one of our celebrity hosts and celebrity ambassadors on your network yesterday. It was Lisa Gray from Betty White's Off the Rockers and so she was on. We actually talked about it on Baby Boomers Live this Monday so we kind of promoted your network and the show she was on and so do you have any testimonials, any samples of some positivity that's happened off Transformation Talk Radio?

Dr. Pat: Yeah I do. What happens is joy is contagious, positivity is contagious and that's what it is. We often forget that and so what happens is we get comments and emails from all over the world. The thing that I will remember is the day that a woman called in to the show from Dubai and she was in a stairwell. She called in from Dubai and she was in a stairwell and I could hardly understand her because she was mumbling and she was in the stairwell. I said to her "are you in a stairwell" because our listeners do this. They pop out of their office and go to a stairwell because they listen in on their phones and they call me after the show and she said 'yes, I'm calling you from Dubai, but I have to whisper. I'm not allowed to listen to this kind of radio" and she says "I have a question for your guests" and I will never forget that. I will never forget those five minutes of her on the phone talking about what it was she wanted to have in life and knowing sitting here as I'm sitting here today that that was a dream of hers as she struggled to whisper so we could hear her on the phone for fear of not only getting caught, but getting severely punished. I will never forget that. I don't think there's any other testimonial that I could even talk about. That's really what we're doing.

Interviewer: Well you know, it's unforgettable and that's a very powerful testimony. Just so you guys know, in Dubai in Israel and those types of areas, you've got to be very careful in doing things like that. You could get your hand chopped off. It's dangerous and for them to risk their limbs or risk their life to call your network, that's definitely pretty impressive. In fact, I'm not going to say which celebrity, but we have an A list four time Oscar nominee that actually I was talking to yesterday, which is [unclear 23:17] of ours and he's actually going to Israel to talk about what's happening and he's risking his life to speak and try to change it. That's what I'm talking about, when you're just sacrificing yourself potentially to make a change. That's what it's all about. I think that people highlight really a positive thing and I wanted to do my part in helping to raise awareness for what you guys are doing and in a sense, it sounds like you're a cops communication or a Time Warner for the internet because you have all these numerous channels and you have all these positive people and what if someone wants to go about getting their own channel? What's some of the requirements or the audition process? How does that work?

Dr. Pat: You know, I'll tell you what the audition process is. You know, whoever it is gets to talk with us, gets to talk with the team and you know, we go through a conversation of what their vision is and how they want to contribute and that's basically what we do. It's really a forum for people to be able to step forward and share their vision and share their dream and they can do that quite easily for us. They just shoot us an email and we'll open up a dialog with them. This is kind of the way this thing grows and it grows exponentially and it grows because people want to contribute.

Interviewer: You mentioned that it's going to be starting in July.

Dr. Pat: The fourth of July.

Interviewer: Fourth of July, woo alright fireworks! We actually have an event that I'll be hosting with the Special Olympics Mission [unclear 25:05]. They're representing Indonesia and Spain with the Knights of Columbus and it's an event in Mission [unclear 25:13] in Orange County. It's a really fantastic event and I think it's similar, I think it's on July 23. It's a pretty spectacular situation and I was beyond honored. There's no words to describe them asking me to host to represent our country and other countries in any way and we're all about the abled and disabled. In fact, one of our clients and advertisers has a company called "Networkers on Wheels", which you may have heard the advertisement and you mentioned that you were in a wheelchair. Do you deal with the disabled? Do you deal with handicapped stuff?

Dr. Pat: Yeah absolutely. If you're looking at your own charity in life and you're not really aware of how inspirational people are, the word 'handicapped' and 'disabled' are such a disservice to these folks because the bottom line to all of this is that we are all so truly gifted, but you know we're so quick to put ourselves in categories and what we've learned and you know this. We've learned this over time, that the only thing a category or question mark puts around another person is a self imposed box to their unlimited potential and so for us, we've hosted events. We have not only hosted events, but we created platforms and especially for you know the special kids that are out there and help support programs to take them to Disney and so forth. There's just so much that we can do in the world we live in today. We're so fortunate and one small action by the way, one small action could change a life for someone. One small action could change a life and that's what happened to me. I'm very fortunate I didn't end up on the streets and I had someone, an angel, that reached out to me at a time in my life when I was a kid and however he appeared it's still a mystery, but he literally saved my life and so of course for me, paying it forward is something that's so very important for all of us here.

Interviewer: I agree 100%. I used to [unclear 27:29] to support your network and what you've got going on and I have my application and we definitely need to talk about how the easy way can make transformations in peoples lives, the whole transformation and the easy way in there and I would love to get you involved in some of the events and situations we have going on and we have a program going on

Dr. Pat: I'd love to.

Interviewer: Thank you and we have a program which is, God has just taken and ran with it. It is not mine. I take no credit for it anymore. I'm just a vehicle. I go where His wings tell me to go. I'm the boat and we have a program called [unclear 28:04] Cares and I'm not going to go into all the names and stuff, but let's just say that some of the people involved in the situations that we have been involved in with the Los Angeles Convention Center and the Red Cross and some of the things we've done, these high level people have been approaching us and we really love this catalyst thing that you're doing and we are becoming a nonprofit catalyst for funding and awareness. Our reach at this point, our partners are so exponential from China to the UK to NY to Vegas to Texas to Mexico and of course California and more and more people through social media, this is my way of just letting you guys know if you really know how to resource social media, the ability of awareness and outreaching is exponential and we're getting people from all over everywhere wanting to be a part of making a difference. Making a difference with this whole [unclear 29:03] Cares thing. I think that we definitely need to talk about that and what we are doing and who is involved currently. I have a friend of mine, actually a very good friend of mine with CBS that's going to be here very soon talking to us. You never know what God has in store. If you notice, everything we do is not profit oriented. It's giving back. It has something to do with the whole [unclear 29:27] Cares thing and I think I'm bringing all of this up because I actually have somebody that is the founder of one of the biggest nonprofit organizations ever. I'll tell [unclear 29:34]. It's not ready yet so I want to be careful. As you know, I put some stuff out on Transformation Talk Radio. I don't know if you know about that, but I posted some social media stuff after we met, after we talked on the phone. It was a very uplifting conversation and I just posted a little post and a person hit me up on LinkedIn because I posted on a little situation that I have that automatically goes to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and everything. It just goes boom and most of my bigger associations are on LinkedIn and they responded to me and they said "what is this Transformation Network thing" and so you've been a tough cookie to get a hold of and I knew, I was like the only way I'm going to get a hold of Patty and talk to Patty is if I get her on my show and I get her on air and I'll just pitch her on air. I'll pitch her on the show. We'll get some business done. You've probably been extremely busy because you've been tough to reach.

Dr. Pat: Oh my God. This technology thing. I don't like to hang out my dirty laundry on air, but when you have a big technology dream and then you pop the cork on April 1 and you flip the switch, you have no idea what's going to show up and I'll tell you, I apologize for it, but man what amazing help we've been getting to straighten out some of these really interesting techno things out on the other end of it.

Interviewer: Let's talk technology. Let's talk technology. We have a segment on Baby Boy's last show with my dad from Knights of Columbus and Lisa Gray from Betty White's Off the Rockers and she does Lisa Gray's Tech Time and she always talks to baby boomers about all these little things they don't know about their phones and which phones they're getting and technology and stuff, but I love talking tech. What is this technology you're talking about?

Dr. Pat: Well you know this, as many people listening to the show know this. If you have a big dream, you could do one of two things with the way you go in life. You can continuously make adjustments and try to stay ahead of the curve or you can take a look at what you're doing in life and say "know what? There's no amount of band aids that we're going to be able to put on this to match the vision that we have to reach people all over the world" and so for us, we have spent a good year literally from the ground up changing technology in a way that people all over the world, it doesn't matter what your platform is, cell phone or no cell phone, that we're going to be able to provide positive messages all over the world and so for us, we didn't have a what do you call that? We have like in the old telephone system where you have new software come in and you flip the switch and there it is and so that's really for us what we've been doing. We've had such enormous responses to our change that we literally are popping the cork at GoDaddy and so now what we're doing is we're in the process of moving the server, we crashed two hard drives. Why? Because when a dream gets this big, you just need to get out of the way of it. That's what we've been doing.

Interviewer: You've got to lay your foundation too because a lot of times it can get too big too quick. I've got a technology for you. Actually we're dealing with a 22,000 sq. ft studio in Orange County and there's an advertising agency that owns the technology that literally can reach out to 190 million people with the touch of a button. Organic, organic! And on top of that it can help with [unclear 33:24] management. Just like us, they're social media certified with Twitter and Facebook and all that stuff and they, it's a technology that every major corporation on the planet is going to want to get a hold of once they release it. They haven't even released it yet and we are actually in talks with them right now. It's very close. We're going to partner with them and the studio and the whole situation and again, it's just amazing the doors that God opens and it's an internet. It's a web world now. I keep telling people that it's a web world. You think you know, but you have no clue how much of a web world it is. I mean you go to Starbucks now, you go to the Spectrum. I challenge you guys to do something right now. If you're listening to the show right now or you're listening to it on archive, go to Spectrum, go to the movies, go anywhere, but put your eyes on what people are doing with their mobile phones now and I want you to count everybody around you at the same time how many people are on their mobile phones. How many people actually talk now. The phones have taken your life over and that is where people go now. It's a mobile base, which is social media and TV and stuff is great. The old school people like of course enjoy that [unclear 34:46] home, but most people are not at their home and even if they're not home, they're on a touch pad or they're on their phone. It's all application based now and that's where it's going. There's even DNA, I'm not going to go into all of that. It's a little scary, but it's beyond and that's what we've been harvesting on is the mobile social media base of things as well as getting people to give back while they're using it and so do you have any, we don't have a whole lot of time. I'm just realizing that we have our next guest coming in soon.

Dr. Pat: I do have something I want to say since we're talking about this. I do have something that I want to say and I want to just, first of all I want to apologize to folks out there who perhaps are even trying to get on our website now, but here's what I want to say. Stand for something in life. We are huge supporters of Lyme disease awareness. This is Lyme disease awareness month. We're huge supporters of this disease and the fact that in the United States and anyplace in the world, chronic Lyme disease is not even recognized as a disease and so we got behind this over 11 years ago and I live in a state right now that doesn't even recognize Lyme disease and people are dying. Children by the way are affected most. Get behind something. That's what I want to say. You're going to see us come out with something fascinating to educate people around what tick borne diseases are about. Thanks to Avril Lavigne coming out and Debbie Gibson for coming and Daryl Hall for coming out and saying "this thing is going on" and so that's what I want to say to people. I want to say please get behind something. Get behind something. Stand for something. Even if the road gets rough, even if you have to step in a few pot holes, even if you're not sure of where the road is going to take you. Don't ever give up your conviction for what you believe in to make this world a better place for everyone and don't be denied your birth right. Do not be denied your birth right to live an epic life and if anyone denies you of that birth righ, call us. Email us because we're on a mission. We are on a mission. Everyone has the right in this world to live an epic life and we plan to help millions.

Interviewer: I love it, I love it, I love it. Definitely guys, hit us up. We are on a different path and you are more than welcome to jump on the train and get involved with [unclear 37:20] Cares and make a donation.

Dr. Pat: Hey, I've got something for you now. If you're going to jump on the train and you just mentioned it on radio. Now you have to go do a cell phone video of you jumping on the train, right?

Interviewer: I don't know. I've got too much ahead of me. What happens if I get hurt? That's going to be your fault and everyone is going to be mad at you!

Dr. Pat: You don't have to jump, jump on a train! Like us here, you can go to Newark. I'm visiting in NJ. You can go to Newark and just get a picture of you getting on the train.

Interviewer: Okay, I'll get on the train the easy way and make everybody have a transformation. So when are you going to come visit me? When are you going to come hang out in Orange County and LA?

Dr. Pat: Actually I'm going to be in Orange County and I'm going to be in LA and I'll be able to tell you when. We're actually going to be hosting the Green Festival in LA. That's coming up. I went to school in LA. I have some friends in LA and Orange County and we're planning to do something pretty amazing. One of our affiliate stations is in LA and so we're actually planning to do something pretty amazing and hopefully that's going to be around the fourth of July. I hope we can hang out.

Interviewer: That's definitely something we've got to talk about because LA and Orange County is our thing. If you want to come hang out and you want to hang out on my turf, you need permission.

Dr. Pat: Okay, I'll get it. You know what? I'm going to get a signed slip from the teacher just to come. I swear.

Interviewer: Totally. You've been a fantastic guest Pat. I hope you enjoyed [unclear 38:48].

Dr. Pat: Thank you so much. Thank you so much and I want to thank you for all you're doing. You're amazing and I hope that everybody here who is listening to the show understands how important your message is and you are changing the world.

Interviewer: Aw, thank you so much and I really do appreciate that. Can you do me a favor and say "hey, I'm Dr. Pat of Transformation Network" or however you want people to recognize you by and I'm doing it the easy way. I appreciate it because we've got drops from all the wonderful people when we have them on the show so if I can count to three and you can do that for me I'd appreciate it. One, two, three.

Dr. Pat: Hey everybody. I'm Dr. Pat. I'm the host of the Dr. Pat Show and founder of Transformation Talk Radio and I'm doing it the easy way! Why? Because it is the way.

Interviewer: I appreciate it. Dr. Pat everybody! I hope you enjoyed Dr. Pat and she costs money! It costs money to hear her talk, but she didn't cost money this time. You got live on Easy Talk Live, Easy Way Broadcast powered by W2 networks. Check out her show, which is correct?

Dr. Pat: Yes, theDrPatShow and thank you so much guys.

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